South Wellfleet, MA

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  • The place is not so bad , is close to the ocean if you go by bike . It has a beautiful bike road that passes through the entire Cape Cod. South Wellfleet is in the middle and is located literally on the highway . The town is small, but it is possible to find another job. I had a problem with the shift , the manager and the rest so that the second job was a problem . This is one reason why we went there. Accomodation us was bad , in your spare time you have to go to the bank with bike, hardly a store so close to get used to after a while . If a decision on Cape Cod avoids a South Wellfleet and Van Rensselaer restaurant. But I believe that in other places on Cape Cod is a better situation .

  • The possibility of finding a job is great , especially after June 1 . Accommodation: Around $ 100 per week , may vary . I'm paying $ 80 but I had no kitchen.

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