San Diego, CA

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  • San Diego is for me the most beautiful city in the United States I was working with relatives and lived in them , so I had no need for another job !

  • The city is cool but not for J1 students. The accommodation is expensive, a second job is a little harder to find outside Downtown or part of town called Pacific Beach because of the large number of Mexicans who are there cheap labor force and generally pick up all the jobs that none of the Americans will not work . I have applied to more than 20-30 places and only at 2 I was invited to an interview . At once I got the job Busser , but I had to refuse because the restaurant began its work on 17 September ! There are a lot of events in the city during the summer, on the half hour are Tijuana in Mexico, LA at 2h , 1h by plane to Vegas . Mile-long beach , etc . Monthly transportation tickets are $ 72, with a bicycle can easily go everywhere. In the end, I'm not sure if I would recommend anyone to come here to work . Any other reason is ok . Who wants to come here, i would recomend to seek for a job or in the center or at the Pacific Beach.

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