Rehoboth Beach, DE

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  • A nice town, a lot of opportunities for employment, there is no tax.

  • A small tourist town on the ocean. People are wonderful, friendly. The city is filled with an outfit known brands. In this state there are no taxes, so it's cheaper, wardrobe, food .. a tourist town and it is very popular in the summer months, a handful of workplaces everywhere.

  • This was my second summer in a row in Rehoboth, I love it, and I'm going again. Small resort has everything you need, a lot of jobs always and everywhere. A lot of restaurants, outlets, etc.

  • A small tourist town on the coast. Extra locations. At 2 hours from Philadelphia and Washington, 3h from NYC. Veeery easy to find a job, only the accommodation is expensive, in addition perfection.

  • Classic ocean town. Along the coast of the beautiful, promenade, clubs, a lot of people in season. We were accommodated 8km from the coast, road to job was easy by bike. And most importantly, a huge outlet centers with a lot of brand. Large supermarkets, with the same items as in the us, only cheaper.

  • The place is small , with many beautiful beaches near the beach there is a lake with great places for sports, with many good places for shopping, a huge complex of outlet malls, and what is the best Delaware is the only state that does not pay tax on the price. There are a number of restaurants and hotels, so it's easy to find a second job, I had three jobs, and others I found after 2 days in Rehoboth . Also, in the outlet malls is easy to find a job . They has a great place with very tasty seafood , mmm ... :)

  • A small town where you can get to know everything and everyone in two weeks if you want. No taxes , all can be found as a bargain , full of shops and , of course, the outlets . Honestly, today I came back home , and tomorrow I would again come back to Rehoboth . There is no safer and more pleasant town to live . Every night I walked alone or rode my bike to the house without fear . People are not locking their houses in general. As regards to second job , literally on every corner can be found ! Whatever job you want , you will find it . And there's no shame : you go from door to door and ask the managers whether do they have the job fro you. Not to write too much longer , because I'd been able to write a novel , you can contact me for information on

  • I fell in love with Rehoboth ! Lovely place on the east coast. The ocean , the beach , the people , everything was great . Places to work abound ; restaurants, bars , souvenir shops , boutiques , huge outlets , fast food 's ... but it is important to look for a job as soon as you come , do not wait another day . It is possible to make money , especially on jobs with the tip. If you think to make money without any effort and hard work, stay at home , you're better there . Delaware has no taxes, so it is cheaper compared to other places . Who likes shopping , you will enjoy in Rehoboth because outlets were excellent , especially in September and October when price reductions are huge , and in addition there are always available coupons , so ... : D All in all , I recommend to all who want to make money to go to Rehoboth , but also to have great time . Near by is the Ocean City, where are the super clubs and bars , it is always something going on . DC is 3h, NY 3-4 , Philladelphia also ...

  • Rehoboth ( Delaware ) is a small tourist town on the border with Ocean City ( Maryland ) provided for family vacations , and therefore quieter , but because of the character , the city is attractive older generations and the younger ones ( ie us students ) is much easier to find a job than say in OC . Of course, not everything is about work, so that there is enough space to socialize with other international students, joint activities and the raves . + To indicate that Deleware not subject to taxes and everything cheaper what is bought there .

  • Small touristic place, gay city .

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