Provincetown, MA

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  • The very top of Cape Cod, a very nice place, all year round a lot of tourists from all over the world and full of LGBT population. It's good for profit, that's why everyone is happy and most people come back again. Those who work in restaurants are the ones who earn the most. In the summer there are lots of students from Bulgaria.

  • The city is absolutely perfect and different. It's not a typical American city. In general, students either love Provincetown or hate. It has a history and the place is a non-stop party. As far as people, who don't have problems with different ones, get in, there is also the rule that you are more friendly, the better for you! :) And the profit, the profit is more than brilliant (since most go because of it). So, my recommendation!

  • The town is small, which is a great advantage because you do not need any means of transport. Everything is within 5 minutes walk. It has a very long main street where a lot of restaurants and shops, so you can very easily find another job. The price of accommodation ranges from $ 170-200 per week, which is the only drawback of this city, but in a way of life in Ptown price is commensurate with earnings.

  • Provincetown is a place teeming with gay people on the street as this is their city, but they did not bothering you or anything else, there's some of their community , otherwise it is on the shores of the ocean , and for me personally away from everything

  • The tourist town on the peninsula of Cape Cod , great for finding another job , I found it after maybe three weeks . Yet it took me a little time to adjust to the environment. Accomodation was ok , for students , I had basic furniture, annuity it was 105 $ a week with the included Internet for example .

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