Park City, UT

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  • Park City is a mountain resort which is a great location for hot summers as well. Is very clean and green and also silent. It's the perfect place for hiking, biking, running or even walking. It has everything you need, from shops to drug stores, free transit buses with pleasant drivers. Its citizens aren't so many but they are friendly as well.

  • Park City is a small and quiet town. Ideal for those who like to play sports and spend time in nature.

  • Great possibility of finding second job , a tourist city with a lot of possibilities . The locals are pleasant and friendly, the nightlife is solid .

  • Very nice place , friendly and hospitable people

  • One big adventure that has given a great impulse life of me and my entire team . For the second year in a row go to Park City in the state of Utah . Park City is a small tourist town 20 minutes from Salt Lake City , a great place , a very high hourly rate , it is difficult to find accommodation but when you find the prices are decent . Employers on the first business in the Hilton hotel were nice, everything is agreed , of course, take care that you are late , you have a clean uniform on this particular pay attention . It is very easy to find another job , with very good hourly rates over 11 $ . After finishing the season as the Utah state was on the right place because wherever you are traveling on the flights you book I went to Miami for $ 100 , to New York $ 150 a car to Las Vegas, you need 7 hours away , rent -a car will you go out about 30 odd dollars per day , accommodation in Vegas is very cheap, they will see all this for yourself.

  • Italian restaurant very pleasant environment to work the entire kitchen and all employees are true professionals and it was a pleasure to work with such a team

  • Great demand for labor . Incredibly beautiful nature, peaceful nightlife. Adventurers and hikers welcome

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