Lake Tahoe, California

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  • The place was great. Something like a dream. Lake Tahoe. I didn't think I would get to this life in such a place. It was brilliant <3

  • I was in Lake Tahoe in Nevada, a very beautiful and warm place in the summer with many bars, hotels, markets ... easy to find seond job, which is very important for J1 students.

  • The place is special, dream. California, mountains, small towns, Lake Tahoe- a jewel of nature ... from mountain trails to rafting, paddleboarding, skydiving all you can imagine. A few hours driving on some gorgeous roads (not on highways but on roads that climb and descend through the mountains) you are anywhere in the famous California ... I recommend to anyone and anytime Lake tahoe :))

  • Beautiful place! One of the largest and the most beautiful lake in the United States, with beautiful beaches such as Sand Harbor and Emerald Bay. I'm sorry that I worked so hard and have no time to go around and enjoy the city. The only problem with the place was the transfer to the hotel since it is in the middle of the mountains, and accommodation is on the beach at the bottom of the mountain. Get ready to leave by bus to half the mountain, stopping at a still. It's totally okay solution, since this road go only guests and employees, and often within a few minutes a fit. This is a temporary solution until you get to know colleagues who work in your shift and can take you all the way to work.

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