Kill Devil Hills, NC

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  • Location is fine. The house you are in is a two bedroom small apartment. Although they promise a room with 2 beds, we got a room with 4 beds. No kitchen. The kitchen is one electric cooker and a refrigerator. The dishes are washed in the bathroom.

  • I love the place so much. It is so beautiful and magical for me. The transportation is quite a problem but it doesn't matter.

  • Air is terrible, life is impossible without air conditioning, humidity up to 98%. The area of ​​strong and frequent hurricanes. I'm lucky, so it was while I was there. For the girls a lot easier finding additional work. Live in homes with the Americans, you get a room on the use, shared bathroom and shared kitchen. Prices are from $ 75-100 per person per week.

  • For the girls a lot easier to do other things to do , very hard to find a job in the second half of June , the deadline for coming to the island as for the other work place May unless you have some recommendations . Life is impossible without air conditioning , very humid and up to 98 % . Accommodation : For students very expensive , at the level of New York . If you 4 in the room $ 75 per person , for 3 80 per person , for two 90 solo and 100 , the prices are on a weekly basis and all are the same , as if they were all agreed .

  • The city is located between the ocean and the lake really great, many things have to be seen, a second job is really easy to find, there are a lot of students so that there are a lot of home parties, clubs etc.

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