Kanab, UT

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  • The city is in the middle of the desert, not the type of Sahara, but the rocks, cowboys, and this story ... You are two hours from Las Vegas about which I will not spend any words, everything that happens there, stays there. From my experience this "stay there", stays there because all 4 times I've been in Las Vegas 4 of them I hardly recall, grin emoticon It was too good. Then at 4 hours from there is Salt Lake. In 11 hours Los Angeles, San Francisco at 13, so go ahead. We have got 3 cars from the owner (Jeep Liberty, Dodge truck and Cadillac), all three parked outside the house of the manager where we lived, believe it or not. The city has a lot of amazing national parks close (some of them are Zion and Bryce), look on the internet, It will hold your breath over the image, so you can imagine how it realy looks like. The city is one of the true adventurers, too hiking trail called, in fact, wherever you go you're going on an adventure, because you always have a chance to find something that nobody before you did not. About the stars at night, where you can see the galaxy, it is a special thing that only can be experienced. Close to you is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, about 2 hours, maybe less. The city is literally on the border of Utah and Arizona, and there is a Nevada. You can do whatever you want. Here is also the biggest artificial lake in the world Lake Powel. We were lucky that owner was such that he rented a boat, motor boats and jet ski so we spent a few days on the water. Boat, night, stars, positive people experience that can only be experienced. We are really grateful to the agency because they sent us to the only place where we could and to earn and to spend like never in my life, where we were accepted as members of the family. The place is small and there can be seen signs of peace in life. Everything that we have forgotten to see in Serbia. There I have set some of my most important goals in life. So if you want to get crazy we were on "a few meters" from it, if we want peace, we had it. The depression I fell when I returned to Serbia.

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