Galveston, TX

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  • I was in Galveston, Texas. I didn't like the weather. It was very hot. If I would go next time, I would choose the West Coast without thinking. Apart from the very hot weather it was ok ...

  • A very pleasant environment to work and live.

  • Since I came to my place, right the next day I've started to work, and the day after that, I found another job. It was easy because it is the tourist city of Galveston and full of restaurants. I stayed in the apartments which was organized by the primary employer. There were plenty of people with the internship program, so it was a lot of socializing. When I received this offer my agency did not know anything about the hotel where I work, about the city, about how to get from the airport to the town. It's the first time they had this place in their offers so that they themselves did not know exactly where I'm sent. Therefore, I was extremely skeptical and quite mad at the agency, but to my luck I had a perfect experience. Let's put aside that the city is quite empty, ie. that not many locals only tourists, and sometimes it was extremely dangerous. I had the fortune to live and work in a city that is between civilization and let say, ghetto, I had a couple of situations where it was quite scary. They were stealing our bikes from the yard of the apartment, there was a lot of homeless people around the nearby shops. I can not say it's safe. But that's never experienced any great inconvenience. To my luck. The town has a couple of cafes, all weekend closes at 2am and weekdays at midnight. Realistically if you work two jobs, as I did, you are not in the situation to have a very active nightlife.

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