French Lick, IN

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  • The experience I had in French Lick was very nice. I don't expect everything to be as it was at the beginning.

  • A quiet and suitable location for a holiday. My experience was very pleasant, the city was not very big, but besides the job, I liked to ride a bicycle through the surroundings to discover new things.

  • A quiet place, full of greenery, beautiful nature ... friendly, sociable world ... Positioned close to Indianopolis.

  • Hmm I can not call it a place, it is the second house ❤️! After two weeks of FL I wanted to stay there forever ❤️! It's a small town, two bars, some gas stations, about two or three supermarkets, a pharmacy (but we had the pharmacy from Romania, so we didn't need their help), fast food, and at 15 -20 minutes by car we had Wal-Mart, open 24 hours a day. The most impressed with the locals, the good people!

  • The city is a bit boring and with great potential - it's a big resort and besides the work you do not really have what it does. It is generally beautiful there, a lot of nature and greenery ...

  • It's a nice little place and broken by the big crowds around the surrounding metropolis.

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