Framingham, MA

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  • My housing was far from downtown Framingham, but nevertheless the place was awesome.

  • The town we lived in was not that big, according to the American standards. There were stores and places to go out, but unfortunately our housing was at the end of the town and far from it's downtown. We had to walk around an hour and a half to get to the retail zone. However, at around 10-minute walking distance there was a Stop & Shop (supermarket), a pharmacy, a diner, Dunkin' Donuts, so we weren't that cut off from everything and we could buy basic products nearby. I think there was a small bus, which was the only public transport available, but it was pretty irregular and I didn't get to use it. Fortunately, however, people there are awesome, they are used to having lifeguards from Europe, who come to the USA for WAT, and they would get us around the town very often, they helped us when we had to run some errands (like receiving the Social Security number at the beginning for example). Amazing people! Framingham is approximately 30 minutes away from Boston with a train and the trains are very regular, so we often went there in our days off. And Boston is definitely a city worth seeing. Unfortunately, there weren't many options for a second job, or at least we couldn't find one, again most probably because of our housing's location. I guess, if you live closer to the downtown, you could find a second job at a restaurant or a store.

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