Fire Island, NY

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  • I have not been able to find another job , night life was good , the food on the island together, the possibility for a greater profit small ..

  • Tourist town with a beautiful beach, but small, with a few bars and restaurants , no traffic and is a paradise for drinking, and this is the only reason why Americans come there :) Transport ferry to the island is much more expensive ( 9 $ one way) as and everything else on the island. Accommodation : 80 $ per week, accommodation in the hotel where i was like , this is an advantage. The room was horrible , no windows, for 4 people, bathroom that little by little and it is not in use because it uses at least 20 people , but we then be available to the bathroom in the hotel that are intended to guests and in front of which often has a queue but now that you get there. One refrigerator , which also uses at least 20 people have to mark their food. Don't go there without your computer , because the hotel has only two , and to the reception, so you'll be able to use them only after 2 hours after midnight .

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