Farmington, UT

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  • At the airport you have a shuttle that can take you to the accommodation for $ 20. The employer each year has seasonal workers that are accommodated in Layton, which is 20min bus ride from Farmington where the park is. Over the summer most work and travel people live there, the rest are Americans who are completely irrelevant here, you can only see them at night. Utah is normally full of Mormons so nothing works after 9.10PM. Across the place where you live are placed a huge mall, gym, Dollar shop (that we bought plates forks other necessities sometimes food) 10 minutes on foot is market at Target, Ross outlet at 20 minutes from you is Wallmart, it is the least expensive and works non stop . Accommodation is large has 2.3 rooms and 6 beds. Please bring bedding and a blanket or you will buy there it is not expensive. They are looking to put 6 people everywhere.. but it doesn't matter how much of you is there each pays $ 75 a week. There were around 30 people from the Balkans, of which about 20 Serbs ... plus some Bulgarians, Ukrainians, few Thais, Poles and Turks around 30: D but we all got along great and made party: D. By the Wallmart is nearest city bus station, 2.5 $ is a ticket that last for 3 hours and you know you have to have the exact amount, because the change is not coming back. you need about 20 min to Laguna, and about an hour to Salt Lake (which is so small that it can be circled in one day) :) most of us at t-mobile took a kredit for a month, which is $ 30 .. other prices are generally like ours as regards food :) clothes and shoes is a lot cheaper and especially when you capture sales that are frequent :) Rent a car was cheap and every day you can go around Utah because it has beautiful nature so who loves ..

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