Falmouth, MA

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  • Lovely, just a little boring.

  • The city is nice, peaceful and nearby there are many tourist attractions and big cities.

  • Great location, beautiful beach, ocean, close to Boston. Accommodation in which we were was also good, boss always want to help us, super experience with Cape.

  • The tourist town of medium size. In the main street there are plenty of restaurants and shops, there are Walmart, TJ Maxx, Christmas Tree, etc. It can be found another job, although I did not have until the beginning of July. I was able to do such at Walmart or Stop and Shop, which are always in the people, but I could not imagine doing 15 to two same job. The first "other activities" have found people who came in mid-May and sometime in early June, then we who come around June 1, only there in late June, early July. Wherever we went looking for jobs we were told that the season has not started yet and that we get about 3 July.

  • The city is big, scattered, but the central part is very nice and warm, buzzing with people. Main street is full of cafes and restaurants, which is a great opportunity for finding additional job. It is a place where appreciate work and travel students, especially the Serbs, because our students really work and employers are satisfied with our work. The bike is imminent. My general opinion of this place is that you don't need full program, log on to self, and you will find a job for sure.

  • I do not know much about the place because after 4 days left this place . It was impossible to find another job because I had to travel to work 35 minutes with bus on the way back to change bus. Accommodation: He lived in the house with Brazilians who do not know English, working in the company where I worked . Accommodation in the basement with a small window .

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