Edgartown, MA

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  • This island is very safe, very quiet place.

  • Beautiful city, old America, rich environment, very nice people ...

  • Edgartown is a small town on the island Martha's Vineyard. A large number of celebrities from the world of music, politics and film come to this island to rest or have their estates. Security on the island is at the high level. Barack Obama for years goes right on this location.

  • Already 2 years in a row I go to Martha's Vineyard hotels in Harbor view / Kelley house and so far I have been happy :) my first year I worked as a pool attendant at the pool this year as a housekeeping supervisor. The first year I did not have another job but I had a better house, whereas this year I lived in a hotel with all the other employees (lives and works in the same hotel, so it's necessary even 30 seconds to work) and I had another job. The place is wonderful, the island is concerned (east coast, closer to Europe, for you perplexed: P) presidents resting here in the summer, there are lots of opportunities for another job should only insist. Many restaurants and hotels. I do not go out, so partymaniacs can not help but be those who would like to earn.

  • A place to relax, beautiful beach, easily be found second job.

  • Absolutely positively

  • The island on which a lot of boring if you do not figure it out with the Americans . Serbs, Macedonians and Bulgarians have too much , do not send them over there. Next year , we agreed to establish a movement through which we will be seeking independence or possibly more autonomy for Balkance on Martha's Vineyard . : D Accommodation: Accommodation - creepy ! Admittedly , I have come late to the island. In the meantime, I moved so that the business was ok . All in all , the way you how you know it !

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