East Falmouth, MA

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  • Falmouth is a small tourist resort for older Americans. There are not many inhabitants, but the city is quite spread out. Public transport is poor, so for J1 students bike is necessary. :) So look to find accommodation close to the your job. It is possible to find another job, and is not a prerequisite to reach as soon as possible, but simply to be persistent and resourceful. There are no rules. Let my recommendation would be that the restaurant looking for a job and in hotels, and to housekeeping, because they give a good hourly rate and tip. Good luck!

  • Finding extra work depends on the month when traveling to USA . I have found another job very easy , because I came in mid-May , while other students who came in June , had no trouble to find a second job. As for the nightlife , the city has several clubs that operate only on weekends .

  • The town is a typical resort but primarily for older Americans but you can find another job. People are very friendly .

  • The possibility of finding additional work a little higher than in North Falmouth in , but it is certainly very small place without some major fun and crazy night life . They are mostly the families and older couples , as well as a small number of students .

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