Denali National Park, Alaska

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  • Excellent place with beautiful nature, people from around the world come here, nice experience... can visit thousands of places, lakes, mountains, peaks, down the river, driving in a jeep, sailing tours, flight by plane around the third peak in the world ...

  • Beautiful nature, nice place to be in and to spend time there, it was very good working there.

  • GREAT.

  • The city is ideal for work. Anyone who wants to work, to sacrifice sleep and be persistent in finding other work, will succeed because, travel around and get back invested. My experience is more than positive, I met wonderful people, hung out and worked non stop, I stayed positive from start to finish so I managed to accomplish everything that I wanted. The only problem was my health, due to the constant changing climate and constant fatigue. So it is better to ask the get ready on time. An advice, do not listen to negative experiences, these are mostly people who did not lift a finger to find Dr. job. If you want to earn money and quality you tour, here is Denali :)

  • I worked in Holland America in the National park- Princess Denali Alaska. Lodge is very small, I worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher as the first job, and later worked as a busser. Good thing we had a paid food and accommodation for 105 $ a week. Around was not really have much to do but it is on the one hand be good for profits. Earnings were excellent. By working only in this hotel I had made more than someone who has worked and 3 transaction. As an employee, I had additional discounts on attractions across America and Alaska. I meet a lot of people made a lot of friends, half of them want to come to Serbia. I made friendship with the manager very well. I'll be there for sure.

  • A million option has for the extra job , and a lot of the fun

  • It is possible to find another job , should be persistent . The city is reduced to 2 km, as this is the city to the road . As for night life , there are two, max three places to go .

  • Additional work is easy to find in restaurants as a busser or foodrunner. The possibility of earnings in Alaska is really big

  • Second job is easy to find , I even worked four jobs at one time so there are no problems , quiet place .. nice to get a result if you want to do

  • The possibility of another job in Alaska in general is great, especially for those who speak the language perfectly , such was not in my case, but I found another job without major problems. The greatest demand is for housekeepinig the first shift position and the wash cycle in the first and second shift . These jobs are the most difficult to understand , and many did not want to work as an extra job, but when he came to work and because of this it will not be a problem. The climate is very pleasant, this year did not exceed more than 25 degrees, perhaps rare, but did not go below 15 bar is not there until mid-September ... there were periods of rain but all in all quite ok . Very clean air , good water , etc ..

  • Denali is a small town. Nothing but beautiful nature you can not see. City comes down to the street where on the one hand Princess hotel a few of the other gift shops, places to buy food, supermarket and another 2 hotel (one newly opened this season 2014). Rise comes down to the party J1 which is held on Wednesdays at Salmon Bake restaurant, music domestic Serbian and Bulgarian: D employees working in the Princess, live in Healy-ju, and there are 2 more bars to go, where they also maintained J1 party. On the way to work you can meet moose: D Experience that day 20H, the beautiful colors of the sky, beautiful nature and its changes over 4 months is indescribable, and of course the inevitable polar tungsten / Aurorra borealis, something incredible experience a hundred man to see. Archaeological find another job depends on a lot of things. You must have a chance, if you know the people I'll put you somewhere if you have good English you'll find quickly. Americans are under gag, we do not need, come tomorrow, just to see if you're persistent. I've found a job very quickly. 22 May I started work on Princess in May 25 Bluffs. But at the beginning of the season was a lot of overtime in her laundry-but mostly everyone did, and just before the end of the season find other jobs or again some overtime in another department. Earnings vary on what you do and how much, or a minimum of 9-10hiljada. The city is such that you do not have a place to spend money, so you'll save a lot further to travel and return home. Pare to consume alcohol when they are parties and that is largely of tips: D I recommend everyone to visit Denali. It was an unforgettable experience and everyone should experience it. As much as people cried and complained to where they came (and I was one of them) after all the plot as they go. Once you get to Denali, business is always coming back: D

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