Deadwood, SD

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  • Although the cities where I was (Deadwood) were small, it was quiet and many American Indians traditions were preserved. The only damn thing was that we had no place to shop, it was a single market in the whole city. Little hard to find second job, it was not the case :)

  • I was in Deadwood, South Dakota. The place is small and cute. I recommend to everyone.

  • The beautiful nature, tourist attractions, wonderful people ...

  • South Dakota is beautiful! Small tourist town (Deadwood, Sturgis, Wall) in the center of Lakota American-Indian beautiful culture, beautiful nature. Another job can be easily found. In August, pay particular attention to Sturges (Sturgis) festival! I'm supposed to be primarily in the Wall, but I was at the airport when they greeted me and told me that I am going to Deadwood, that was not so far from the Wall. They kept changing working hours and I could for the first month to find another job because of it. They called me from the State Department to verify that everything is in order. The first two weeks of August, we were in Sturges, which is really cool place, much bacchanalies "to see once in a lifetime," and then I was transferred after 3 days in Wall. Now, Wall is the smallest town of the three mentioned, but we were there very much, because I have made many friends, Americans, a lot of wonderful friends, found another little job in a restaurant, and I would eventually like to go back there, because the Badlands National park that is next to the Wall - breathtaking! <3

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