Camden, ME

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  • The state of ME is absolutely wonderful. Camden is a nice, beautiful town... close to the ocean, near Portland, Boston ... You can easily find a second job.

  • A beautiful small town on the coast of the ocean , full of tourists, endless activities , nature fascinating , warm people , easy way of life , air flying is like us , only higher humidity . Many sights and monuments of culture , also known persona , for example , John Travolta has a house here , you can see his relaxed so so beautiful wife Kelly Preston and sets out buying groceries at a local store . The famous Stephen King was born here and still lives here , everyone is afraid to go near his home because they say he is little freak : D In any case , many interesting things , does not have a "crazy" night life , but there are plenty of students in high season and a couple of places that were to go out, and while if you started with the aim to make , this is the perfect place for all.

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