Bolton Landing, NY

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  • This town is located on lake Lake George and satisfied my expectations.

  • A small tourist town on the shores of the lake. second job is very easy to find , and since the small town everything is very close. the climate is almost like in Serbia.

  • The town is very small , the main attraction is The Sagamore Resort where I worked . Other work was very hard to find since too much of people came to work in the Sagamore and all they wanted another job . There are only a couple of small restaurants , which mainly take the local teenagers . Public transport is zero , so it is impossible to find a job in another town type Lake George Village . As for night life , there is only one bar in which Lily 's mostly staring all after work and some call the club Brass Ring which occasionally has some Jamaican Party . Basically , we're hanging out and making party in Rondack - in where most of the students lived .

  • Because season starts at the first of July , although officially say it starts earlier, however, the real deal is the first July to September seventh (up car show). Finding additional transactions in the preseason has been very difficult , simply because there is not enough work, only in the early season (1 July) , the situation is changing, then it is relatively easy to find a job, just need to be persistent enough and nondiscriminating .

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