Bethany Beach, DE

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  • A very quiet area, cool people.

  • Although a small tourist place, I have always found interesting things to do, super ok people.

  • A small and quiet place, there are not many places to go out, but there are two pubs that work until 1 am. But everything is close to you, especially the first and second job, probably jobs will be one across the other. It's easy to find another job. Ocean City and Dewy Beach are very close and easy to get out there. Delaware is a state that doesn't have a tax, which is a big plus, for everyday life, and of course shopping in nearby Rehoboth.

  • If you are with the right people you can experience a lot of fun.

  • Town is great for work and life. Located half an hour from Ocean City's, where we went occasionally to go out into the city. The city is peaceful and I found another job without problems. In Delaware has many shops and shopping centers and a beautiful beach. I made great i'll be back there next year.

  • Very little and pleasant tourist resort on Atalntskom ocean . Beautifully landscaped , secure and safe. Who wants entertainment and parties may choose Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach , because Bethany - it does not have clubs , discos and night life . But student parties are regular :) Also Ocean City is a half hour drive , so that the night life can be and there :) Season starts from 5-10 . June and lasts until the beginning of September . Before June, there is no need , since the town completely dead . The possibility of finding another job is great , especially from the middle of August when American pupils and students returning obligations . Then it can be found and 3 deal . Tourists leave a solid tip. These are mostly families and retirees . P. S for life in this city , you need a bike , and you can get it free to use from church :) , and free lights at the police station .

  • Satnica: 9 Broj sati nedeljno: 30 Prosek napojnica: 10-30 Finding another job is too easy. Small town full of warmnes. The only drawback is that there are no any clubs, but Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City are near by.

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