Asbury Park, NJ

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  • Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. All recommendations for this city and the region itself. The city is on the ocean, there is a boardwalk with a lot of cafes, restaurants, fast food, shops, the opportunity for a job enormous (and not just one). As soon as you get off to the search, the season begins at the end of June and then most positions are filled, but it can still be found. Town is mostly a tourist place with houses where the families rent for the whole summer season and spend time there, but there are also permanent residents. In the vicinity is Walmart, ALDI (German food store which at very good prices sells food), there is PNC bank in the town itself, where I opened the account and there was my salary, Rite Aid and CVS, a drugstore, a cosmetics store , pizza, bread, snacks, so you can be great if you need something urgently! There are also pharmacies in these drugstores. McDonalds is here, Burger King and lots of different restaurants. And what I like most Outlet Center is a taxi at 10minutes !!! It also has a lot of shopping centers but is obliged to visit their outlets. You should get bicycle!!! Never use Uber (it's expensive), if you need transportation, call taxi, it's not at all expensive! iiiii what's best, the city is everything for only an hour and a half of time from Manhattan! There is a train station that directly drives to Pennstation !!!!!!! : D Every day we went to New York!

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