Annapolis, MD

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  • Another job I was not able to accept because of the inconvenience of working time at the pool . Most often I worked from 9 am to 20h .

  • Annapolis is a small and family-oriented place. Still has its own story and specialty once briefly was the capital. Here in the center you will find small building typical of American history from the earliest period of the Freemasons, and around the center of the family home with auto driveways and lawns as well as from the films. Especially interesting are those millions more houses along the coast, with a private dock in the back yard where they parked the beautiful specimens of vessels, from yachts to sailboats. Nightlife is satisfactory, however Annapolis is indeed primarily a quiet and family place! In the center you can find bars that are more or less retained unchanged appearance since their inception to the present. I would single out the most interesting Pussers whose bar is literally on the dock, and Rams Head Tavern where you can enjoy a good draft beer and practical Celtic atmosphere. Also in Annapolis is the United States Naval Academy, a university city, again as from the films which do not fall behind the Ivy League. So you'll be in town during the night is not rare to see young students (and pretty stuentkinje xD) walking around in white uniforms (some might get lucky!: P). Connections with DC-om is poor, or there must be sick of it several times, but the one-way trip takes up to an hour, but My friend posduje auto me this is not a problem. In the center of the restaurant you can taste interesting and high quality seafood from the nearby port. Extra work is not hard to find, because it is a rich city of Annapolis I would say, as it the most wealthy Americans who live mostly working for the government. However, although additional work is not hard to find, it is difficult to reconcile with the primary job of rescuers, but who does not mind working part time or night shift, go ahead will be easy to find a job and be nice to earn. My second job was the work of the Japanese cuisine restaurant Katana, the same I usually handing out flyers, but I worked to assist in the kitchen, washing dishes and cleaning. Hours 10 dollars. The boss and manager Steve Katana's a great guy, and I love all the jobs in the restaurant, look for it and personally ask for a job, help him always needed! I was busing tables from the parking to the parking lot when I was handing out flyers at every break and we bring a new ice water to freshen trčaranja from the sun. Is preparing great meals gratis when I worked as an aid in the restaurant (Sushi is excellent!). So, well, you're welcome, I'm glad that I have found another job. ;): P

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