Lisa G’s, Lake Placid, New York, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
All praise for the guys in BL office . They are azure , they know the answer to all the questions and most importantly, we were greeted at the airport in New York when we arrived . I had a problem with the employer when I came to America and boys immediate assistance in finding a better employer.

Experience with location Lake Placid, NY was positive.
Only those who did not want to do further had another job. The place is small but definitely has fun . Plenty of pubs , local restaurants , club .. Those who prefer the nature of entertainment can take advantage of free days at the lake ( boat rentals , kayaks ... ) , hiking (more than 20 peaks in the vicinity of Lake Placid ) , research Museum , Olympic Centre , and the like .

Experience with employer Lisa G's was positive.
Hourly: 5 $ Number of hours per week : 35 Average tip (weekly ) : 300-500$ Assist server , set the table, clean the table ..

This review represents personal opinion of Dasha who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Lisa G's in Lake Placid, NY.

Aug 3, 2016