Laconia, Summit Resort, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
The Agency is correct . I have always received a quick response to an email when something needed it .

Experience with location Laconia, NH was positive.
The place is small , but there is a possibility for another job. Night life- there was a club, but far from us (about 5 min with car) , so we don't go there . A couple of times we had a party at home and that's it . The climate is similar to ours .

Experience with employer Summit Resort was neutral.
1st job 8$, 2nd job 8$ Job Description: Start working hours 8.00 am and going to the main building where the reception and there is little dust mop, clean chairs Indoor and outdoor pools, vacuums and clean toilets. After that, for about half of 10 is going to apartments. Usually, the three of us were in a group, one kitchen cleaner usually they were Americans because they have experience as a boy and I, we cleaned toilets and adjusting beds. We used to be able to slack off and, although we had actually supervisor's assistant supervisor who was horrible.. Constantly urged, and then when it's all over me and the boy sent home and she stays with the Americans in front of the laundry and smokes cigarettes, and before that he says let's all go home.. And then we have little trouble with it, but it later as was all ok .. Week we had largely 35h of work. As for the tip, it never could take because there is always someone before we went into the room, and we received some tips miserable for two weeks around 30 $, once we get it seems to me $ 60 which is really pathetic :) Another job I did in t-shirt store, and then I lied shirts, sorting size, sometimes yes, sometimes the boy, as if they needed the help.. There we have a total working hours per week had about 20 to 30 we have divided into two parts.

This review represents personal opinion of Zorica who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Summit Resort in Laconia, NH.

Jul 16, 2016