Inn at the Pocono Manor, Pocono Manor, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
I am very satisfied with the work of the agency , what is promising, it is also filled , the whole procedure before starting has been simplified to us, organized the trip in the group and orientation from applying for ssn in New York , which means a lot to those who go for the first time , a especially those who travel alone like me. The Agency does not promise towers and castles , as is the case with some others, people are realistic and honest. I recommend ! :)

Experience with location Pocono Manor was negative.
It is a complex of golf courses , horse farms , hotels , etc. , and is tucked into the woods and far away from other settlements . Therefore it is not possible to find another job , unless you can not be the same employer ( And at the Pocono Manor ), which this time was not possible , but the last is. If you provide transportation ( if you beg someone to drive you , we are continually exploited to our American friends :) are available various facilities - amusement parks, nightclubs , shopping centers , etc . However, the biggest advantage of this place is that there is 2 hours from New York , a return ticket costs about 50 dollars. Accommodation: Accommodation and food cost about $ 40 a week , which is not , as a normally how this should be discharged . Accommodation is in the hotel, which means that no additional payments transportation , rooms are nothing special, but it is bearable . The best thing a hundred meals are secured so that it does not take any time and no money.

Experience with employer Inn at the Pocono Manor was positive.
5 dollars / h + tips ( about $ 20 for the replacement ) + gratuits Job description: My job was to collect the dishes , clean the tables , asking , ready , wear a cup of coffee to guests, prepared a variety of events (weddings , gatherings , birthdays , picnics ), etc . Basically it was a buffet -type meals , and sometimes it was quite difficult when there are a lot of people, but when you learn a job and learn all you need to know , then fly :) It was interesting because we often worked in different places and was the different celebrations and events .

This review represents personal opinion of Sanja B. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Inn at the Pocono Manor in Pocono Manor.

Jul 16, 2016