Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pennsilvanya, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
What was they needed to do was all done as expected.

Experience with location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was negative.
I just couldn't find a second job. I was annoyed because of that and somehow the whole city left a lame impression. The town is quite small , city center can be visited on foot in an hour. Everything revolves around sports clubs. Over the years playing Pirates ( baseball ) , and at the end of September - beginning Steelers and the Penguins ( Amer . Football and hockey ) . Nightlife boils down to a single street ( Carson street . ) There are bars that somehow all the same and are nothing special. Foreigners almost did not exist and they are litle bit Redneck's ... actually not a litle bit but a lot. :-) The climate is the same as with us . If your goal is to get to know America and Americans this is a very good place for something like that but if you want some money too I think it's better to go somewhere else ...

Experience with employer Hard Rock Cafe was negative.
Hourly wage 5 $ Number of hours per week: 30-35 Average tips 50 $ The impression was that we are mules not students ... more or less all the students were relieved when they finished (two Czechs, two Bulgarians and two Serbs). All more or less work for two because they say the employees who are there longer - last year was the worst and this is worse than the last. They expect to close in the next few years. Everyone is nervous, quiting the job and things like that. Overtime almost does not exist. During June I had after 3-4 days per week, a total of 20-25 hours. July and August is crowded and you get up to 40 hours max, 5 times 6 days a week. September I worked 3 days a week. I need to bear in mind that if it is not crowded and there is no work, they only send you home. If you plan to work in kitchen- DO NOT DO THAT!!! You'll have just enough for a living-and only from the second month ... and you will work for two ... Busser is much better but you will be upset there too because when waiters give you tips ... almost never do not do that honesty, waiters like waiters ... OK managers did led us to a baseball, servers and made a party for us which was awesome, and we are getting drunk with them, but again ... My advice is to go somewhere where people more apreciate hard workers because we in general have such reputation.

This review represents personal opinion of Geronimo who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency AYUSA, working at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Aug 5, 2016