Fritz and Frites, Galena, Illinois, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
People are extremely dedicated and professional , available almost 24 hours a day . On the other hand they are very friendly and communicative while chatting with them in the office look more like a coffee with friends. All praise and gratitude because they really did a great job !

Experience with location Galena, Il was positive.
Galena is a small tourist town hosted on the borders of Illinois , Wisconsin and Iowa. The possibility of finding another job are very large and it is all available for the reason that everything is concentrated on Main Street , and the jobs are in 90 % of cases related to hospitality (ie not sooo difficult but quite feasible ) . Nightlife is not very exciting and down to the bars and only one " club " , but the town itself is interesting. The locals are mostly friendly older people so that anyone who chooses Galen for destination will be arrived friendly and with great courtesy .

Experience with employer Fritz and Frites was positive.
$ 5 per hour Number of hours per week : 30-40 Average tip : $ 15 per hour Serving food, direct communication with the guests and making and serving drinks.

This review represents personal opinion of Branislav Acimovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Experience, working at Fritz and Frites in Galena, Il.

Jul 30, 2016