Fountainhead developments, Fairbanks, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Everything was good, always up to date, although I did not like how they send business proposals and how these offerings are described but very good experience with them, probably the best agency judging by the experiences of people with whom I worked.

Experience with location Fairbanks, AK was neutral.
The town is small, but still bulky and you need a car because it often rains and still get wet. It's beautiful in the summer, the temperature rarely goes above 30, the city is practically in the woods, and when you go down the street you do not have the feeling that you are in the city .. People are mostly immigrants from the south in search of better life with plenty Eskimos and Atabaskans.

Experience with employer Fountainhead developments was positive.
We always had 40 hours, hourly rate plus 10.5 $ 0.5 bonus for each completed hour ... A lot of us, it was a job J1 sometimes insufficient or they had to comply with, and so we give them a huge plus.. Otherwise hotel like that is not overly no looks from the outside while the inside is very nicely arranged with a decent equipment ... hotel complex is quite large, I think there are 10 buildings, managers and supervisors were ok, the mood of the story, Howdy Doody, for socializing or when you make a mistake at work be punished no matter what you do it intentionally or not, the penalty is known and respected. It must be nonstop, but the hotel is large and it is difficult to control the 40 people in the room every day but if you are caught going home, 4 times if you get caught you're sitting / listening to music / cackle phone / not wearing appropriate clothing or sleeping on the job, lose job and accommodation that was provided to us and very polite (three in an apartment for $ 62 a week).

This review represents personal opinion of Nikola who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Fountainhead developments in Fairbanks, AK.

May 31, 2017