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  • Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week : 35 Average tip : Help clientele , a good deal a lot of overtime hours that are better paid

  • Hourly: 8:50$ Number of hours per week : 36 Help clientele around the use of attractions, the most important thing was to be smiling and I know English well , since they are capable of being asked a variety of questions

  • Hours 7.5 $ Number of hours per week : 35 Average tip : 50 Bad management Coaching students in an extremely bad and abusive manner

  • Wage per hour : 8 hours per week: 35 Bad hourly rate , weak interaction with the guests . Bad management

  • Hours : 8.5 Hours per week: 37-40 Average tip : no Working in an amusement park. Very interesting, but sometimes boring, which is of course dependent on the mood . Several thousand children who come with the same issues , but due to fatigue can come to nervousness :) The people in the company were very correct . For each recommendation , because such a job anywhere will not find such a day's wages , and such flexibility in the business. Do not be afraid superiors , you are not slaves and ok to meet what is expected of you , but you can of course always ask and discuss about anything with them . Very suitable place for perfecting the language , because it allows a great number of tourists, sometimes more than 5 thousand people a day , so if you're in the mood for a story , you'll easily refine and improve your conversational skil .

  • Working in an amusement park

  • 92 hours per week $ 8.5 Job Description: It can not be described .. :)

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