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  • Wage per hour: 8.5 Hours per week: 31 Average tip is 50 $ per week housekeeping would not wish to my worst enemy. When I took this job, I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought a couple of us enters the room, there tighten beds, changing towels and clean dust. Also, I was told that there is tip, which is true, but it is pitiful. When actually you are pushing a huge trolley with spare things, scrubbing the tub, mirrors, floors, unfreezing refrigerators -all the worst things that you're not doing even at home, with fact that Americans are very messy people. I worked at the Best Western, which is located about 20 min bus ride from Bar Harbor. It is the only hotel to which one must travel and had just struck me. Managers were repugnant, imagine you're scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom and someone non stop is hanging over your head, and if you happen to forget to put one sugar in a bowl, and return to the room to bring it. And the worst thing of all was, all the tips that you get for the day (and so every day) you have to give these female managers to the end of the week she will give it back to you (she was stealing from us a lot). This was the case only in this hotel, others laughed when they heard about it. Also, the accommodation in which we stayed was the despair! However, not everything is so gray as I wrote, it became better when we resigned (to job from the contract), found another company and accommodation.

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