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  • Hours: 10 $ 5 $ 7.5 $ Number of hours per week: 80 Average tip: $ 100-200 per week Description of the employer: Like a bartender, I worked every day from 5 to 10 at night, the hotel is a historical monument, and the people coming were generally older. You should always get at least half an hour earlier to prepare yourself bar, chopping garnis, see what's wrong, recharge, check the alcohol, juices (you do not want to serve Coca-Cola without soda!), You write if you think you should have a message, install snacks , case, ice, depending on the occupancy of the hotel, is a bit NFL games this evening, and argue what and how. It is very important that you understand the people, to be open, communicative, but at the same time to set limits, because people in the bar sometimes "too" relaxed. Also you have to be mindful of who you give alcohol, so if you do not someone younger than 21 years, always looking for ID check, sounds funny for someone who comes from Serbia, but with these things no sale in the United States, the penalties are very dangerous , and the reputation of the place where you do not be jeopardized. It is in the responsibility. One great wisdom that is here, in my opinion, is necessary "CLEAN BAR, BAR HAPPY" .I everything else comes only, not every bar / hotel the same, but these are the important things. Payment can be cash, card or on account of the rooms, everything but you're making bags from the front desk, or do you put on a paycheck. What is important is for you to install the bar some time, well, the interesting inscription, where these people will leave the tip! In addition, in my work I was doing weddings on weekends, which is a completely different story than regular hours during the week. Much greater preparation, you have to know in advance the number of guests, was open bar (all free), only certain drinks are free and all guests have to pay. From time, curtain rods, inventory, everything has to be perfect bar. At the same time, someone will help you, so you must know well that coordinate with people who are here find it, because the bar is a little town clumsiness of other people who are not in this business you have to shape. Calmness is the key to everything. And yes, you'll be a regular after work in patches, little secret right bartender (after the wedding for sure)! Therefore, be sure to buy some cheaper in Serbia shirts and pants for the job (ask first who dress code). Sounds difficult, but the experience is awesome, the bartender is the man you all love, meet a million people, a lot of interesting stories and lives. With many, I am still in contact and they are all delighted with my Blueberry Mojito: D -server. I worked mainly breakfast after the wedding, because that's the biggest crowd. Of the 6, 7 poles're on your feet, prep room, buffet (buffet), pad and pencil always "aprin" are, a smile on his face and right in the attack. It is important to remember all the orders, especially if someone is sensitive to the taste of the dish, the type of problem that you can correct if you said you did not cook the eggs that are "sunny side up", so the kitchen and they're best friends, they are late, your guests are waiting, so again, good communication, especially in cases of chaos and stress, is the solution. There is no shame to ask the customer to repeat what you wanted, it's far worse to him make the wrong thing. Otherwise, there are a variety of people so it's up to you how you'll accept it, even in the worst situations should be positive, and do not be upset because of a sadist that the egg is not enough to live, and you see their fathers to eat, etc. Just slightly, and a smile on your face. -Front Desk. A lot of responsibility, at least in my case. If you do the first shift, many guests are checking out, so be good to know the process, computer software hotel, I had Room Master to do with credit cards, you answer the phone and a reservation of the room (a million accents, your ears should be keen to maximum), the process of eye appeal, discount, as your pocket you must know that the hotel room bathtub or a show, because some are excellent, some less, etc ... How and to whom to stepping down the price, you must know the town map, attractions, nearby towns, all forms of entertainment and sports, weather, news, restaurants, how to get to the hotel if someone called from Texas eg, history of the city, the hotel, you are a manager in a way, and it depends on you whether to stay or a not in a hotel, because you show rooms, are you talking about, you're making concessions, saying the rules and therefore have a great responsibility.

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