Westmark Hotel and Conference Center

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  • The employer is correct, everyone is positive and willing to help.

  • Wage per hour: 10:58 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: $ 40 Maids work is the work that I would not recommend ever it to nobody. I can not say that it was too hard, but it was boring, because every day you are doing the same thing and in the end you're like a robot when you enter a room you know exactly what you're doing first. In the beginning was very hard, you do not know finish everything on time especially if you get over 20 rooms. In addition, you're doing it alone and it's psychological torture for 4 months, you do not have to talk to anyone while you are working. There were days when it was all relaxed and then it is very boring. The best solution is when you have about 16 rooms then you have time for a break and to chill out a little. I used to hate this job, but eventually you get used to everything. There was some tips but it depends on the guests and the inspector decides whether to take it from you or not. So if you already can choose, the maid NEVER. : DWestmark's respected everything, we never had less than 40h per week, and there were a lot of overtime hours. In addition to this job, I worked two more. Home Depot, as a cashier, and the Tako Bell fast food restaurant, there I was doing everything, from dishwashing to making food. Most loved cashier job because there you are in constant contact with customers, and that was important for my english. Wages on these jobs were on average about $ 10 per hour. All in all, I had plenty of work, earnings were phenomenal. So who want's to earn some money, can go to Fairbenks: D.

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