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  • Hourly: 9.5$ Hours per week: 40 My job is begun with a 7 or 8 poles depending on my mood, and continued until 1,2,3,4 also depending on my mood or depending on when I would start next job. More specifically the boss gave me 40 hours, if you want even more trouble-free or no more than 40 hours of overtime. So that the hours are not a problem there are in abundance. It's every day, but it is possible to take a day off. My job was cleaning the pool at the beginning of the work, watering flowers and garden maintenance, cleaning trails, pruning flowers, sweet grass cutting and the like. Actually, this was my second job, and my first job was in OCEAN HOUSE (via Caravan), a position on which Steward has enough experience already left on this site. As for next year, currently have positions available in the Villa as for the girls. The contract would be the self, and if a girl has interested can call me at email: so I can explain to them the details. The girls are working 40 hours (or more) and then had a second job in the Ocean House on housekeeping position where they usually work from 6 to 9 PM and it was their second job, it had about 20 hours or more depending the needs of the hotel. If you have some interested girl can not explain the details and connect to the landlord for further arrangements if interested.

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