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  • Wage per hour 8.5 $ Number of hours per week: 40+ Average tips: I went to the USA with the contracted work in Funnel Cake Factory. There was all good, the boss ok, everything was great. Until one day I was late for work an hour so the boss 'little' yelled out on me and sent me on vacation 2 days. Subsequently, the other employees were late, but it looks like after me he was not botheres with it so they did not had any penalties. I claim for myself that I was one of the best workers, which he himself told to me. A few days after that I made a mistake I forgot to hand over the keys of the store from the second to the first shift and then I recognized the mistake and was fired after a month of work. But the boss is behaved to me as a last jerk, where the highlight was "" Fuck you! "Other things I will not even mention.Tidal Rave 5 & 10: a souvenir shop and a place where they sell classic things for the beach and print shirts. At the beginning, the boss and I hated each other because we are both stubborn and we both had all the answers. But after 4-5 days we worshiped because of that, so the business has become a joke, and it was great to work there during the season. I worked mostly morning shifts, from 9-3, because I fit with the first job. Sometimes I had up to 40h, ie during the season, but as the season went on, less and less. $ 8.25 / h, no tips. VF Outlet: Huge outlet of everything, I mean the clothes and similar things. $ 8.5 /, in the beginning I was about 35-40h a week, and later as much as I wanted. I worked everything here, was one of the youngest and fastest persons. I quickly fell into a machine giving a max of myself. I could be called the best worker as what the managers and colleagues said. I had the best managers in the world! They were always there for everything that was needed. There were no days that thay do not have time to talk to employes, no matter the workload. As my experience was bad with the first job, here was the opposite, excellent! It's never boring, always doing something, especially at the height of the season, falling to the feet. Mostly, super comfortable place to work :). If you are interested in something, write to jelenajorga94@gmail.com, I'd be happy to answer and help everyone because I know how much help meant to me :)

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