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  • Sessions: $ 3.5 Hours per week: 35-40 Average tip: $ 40 Description Employer: Season was moose, and the employer had too many workers, and so he had to get away by giving the other is damaged. Primarily I was working as a baser table and not lose. If the good shifts to take some money. The timetable is the 3.5 (minimum hourly rate ever anywhere), but pulled out at the end of the week, something around $ 350 outlets. After a month, when already hired too many people, not to discriminate against some, so we changed positions on a daily basis. Sometimes dishwashers, once baser. In the kitchen, the hourly rate 8.5 i got a free meal. Each week, the schedule has changed. I have often worked a double shift, but it meant 4 hours 4 pm in the evening. Pal worked as a cook from 7 am to 11 at night in his two restorants week and is pulled around $ 420 while I as mentioned earned about $ 350 with half the work. So that after a month and a half of torture decided to go to Rhode Island, Ocean House. That's what I have positive thinking, but more people gave enough experience about it.

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