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  • I had a very good experience with them, honest, correct people ... Everything was as we set out at first. I was very pleased.

  • When season got to its maximum, it was hard working whole day outside. 9 hours work, 30 min break and you have to clock out so you are not paid for that half and hour. But that was only for maybe 1 month hard to work. Other time they were sending us earlier home because there were no people coming, so we had max 30 hours per week. No opportunity for getting extra hours (40+), and 2 out of 3 supervisors were harsh on foreigners for no reason.

  • Working with children, in the open you are, the fresh air. At the height of the season (4th of July-15th of August) is a large crowd, a lot of children. It is not easy, but compared to other jobs like McDonalds is ridiculous. $ 10 hourly rate, which at first glance great, but the second can be passed to work much better. Vail Resorts is too great company, great benefits you get by working for them (from the ski lifts to all kinds of discounts in shops). Food was not provided, so that every man for himself hard.

  • Great people, great positive team every day of our work goes zezanje music without any pressure, of course, many things I had no idea but thankfully had the patience and understanding to me and taught me all ;D

  • Wage per hour : 10.5 Number of hours per week : 60 Average tip 5 $ I worked on getting the rooms ready at the Hilton , if you are going there , Vail resort is holding something like 10 hotels , take all just only not the Hilton because there are biggest jerks of the bosses . Others are more or less great and have more food in refrigerators : D

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