The Sagamore Resort

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  • I had a very good relationship with my employer.

  • Hourly: 8 $ Number of hours per week: 42 Average tip: 50$ I was working dinner in the main restaurant in the resort of La Bella Vita. My shift began at 5p.m. However, while not over, and that is in season for about 11p.m. (Dinner lasts until 10p.m. but we have to wait that all guests leave and escort). The season began in July and as the bass was engaged only in August, so no need to go there in early June because there is no work. The job is not very difficult to get used to everything, even though the season was really bussy and I had to fly from one end of the restaurant on the other. It took a deal and a huge tray of dirty plates and glasses which was not easy, should the power and feeling. But after two weeks and I that in my life I did not litter tray, I got used and relaxed able to wear it without breaking anything. As for the tip, we received 10% of the server only what they had not been checked and they of course could not deprive us. Al eventually I learned when fair remuneration, when not, so I could ask of manager at the server code to be put. In August I started working and in another restaurant in the resort Club Grill, where the tip was much better, but I was in essence drew, because I did not have another job. All in all, it was worth it, I got my investments, I bought what I planned and traveled long ago what was the reason that I'm at all and went to the W&T.

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