The Inn At Tomichi Village

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  • Wage per hour: 10 $ / h Number of hours per week : 50+ Average tip (weekly ) : Housekeeping is the only work I was doing from day one. Begin the morning at 9 and usually ends in 1, so if you have more rooms, more people is working . At the beginning we had training , learned how to make the bed and they all need to be done in the room after leaving or remaining guests. After 10 days you can turn off the brain and mechanically do everything. Guests often leave tips , $ 1- $ 5, sometimes more , which when divided to all those who are working that day is from $ 3- $ 5 daily . Enough for beer. Another very important thing is that our quarters are on the same possession as hotel and restaurant are, so there was no need for any trip . Also , the same accommodation is free.

  • Satnica:10$ Broj sati nedeljno:60-70 Prosek napojnica(sedmično): 100-300$ Savrseno je mala rec za sve sto sam dozivela. Divni ljudi, divna gazdarica, lak posao, dobro zaradjen novac, auto na raspolaganju pored besplatnog smestaja sa cestim obrocima u restoranu.

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