The Arrabelle Hotel

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  • I worked as a houseman at the Arrabell Hotel, which belongs to a large company, which provided me accommodation. Professional, friendly employer. I was very pleased with them.

  • When choosing jobs that are offered to us, we never hurried purely in order to have any kind of job and to go to America. The most important thing to us was an experience that we will get there as well as the development of the English language. What we also did not matter accommodation where we will be. Honestly, I can not boast that we were delighted with the latest housing because we share it with one American. The thing was not the fact that we shared an apartment with him in the beginning but simply do not know with whom you live. However, as the days passed we realized that he was a normal kid that works as well as all of us who went there. We worked the spa hotel Arrabelle. Honestly, the best deal ever and all bidding on the work of the spa, do not miss! They are two shifts of eight hours, the hardest part is the adoption of clean towels and bathrobes from the first to the third floor. Wondering if it's the hardest job, then what is the easiest? :) Everything else is super easy. Your duty is to be available to guests if they want to ask you for longer towel, slippers, bathrobe and recharge yourself settled and after them. One meal was provided and we had a kitchen only for hotel workers so that at any moment we had food, drinks, sweets and everything we wanted. How many hotel cares about its employees is the fact that we are all in the spa getting a card of $ 500, which we could spend on a variety of body and facial massage, manicure and pedicure, sauna and Jacuzzi. This is a very good incentive to employees were satisfied with the job they do. What we are able to use the gym or eat for free, which we have also maintained or not in terms of cleaning, because we have a housekeeper who was responsible for cleaning the gym and spa center. The pay was $ 5.10 per hour. Additional work is very easy, but we could not find that this was not quite enough. Unfortunately. our adventure this year, lasted only two months due to urgent commitments love my boyfriend entering master studies abroad. As our flight to Amsterdam and then immediately and Belgrade was from New York, we spent a whole day and in the city that never sleeps and visited everything that can be visited in one day.

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