Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge

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  • Wage per hour : 8.75 in the first 14 on the second Number of hours per week : 40 in the first , 40-50 in another Average tip : about $ 10 on another job Good things were , that the accommodation was excellent and very inexpensive consideing that an ordinary cabin ( small house , 1 bed, 1 room , bathroom that you share with other people in the camp ), 500 $ per month and accommodation for employees that provides hotel is 170 $ . The bad thing is that they are large corporations with few hotels and they keep an eye on every dollar . Very rarely allow the overtime ( because the laundry does not make a lot of money for the hotel) . A lot of work for little money ... Another job is easy to find and are well paid . I started as a prep cock and after 15 days upgraded to a line cock which is paid very good. If you ever go to this place I suggest " Kahiltna bistro "

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week: 40 Positive: there are a lot of working hours and overtime Negative: many monotonous and boring work.

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