Taco Bell

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  • Hourly: 10 $ Hours per week: 30 Average tip : 0 Nothing special assignment , I worked 2 positions , changing , two days at the cash register , two days in the kitchen . Mass except us Serbs who are doing the boring was , so when I was working I'm at work , I was not anything too interesting , but passed quickly while I was at the cash register , and when I work with the food not to pass the hours .

  • Hours: 10 $ Number of hours per week : 14-34 Average tip : 0 General manager Barry- a bad man , a liar , duplicitous , a fraud. Colleagues at work - waste of people , people elsewhere can not get a job so that work ( cast a few exceptions ) , hygiene at work disastrous starting from people to the kitchen . Working hours - The contract guaranteed weekly schedule was 35 hours , the reality - of when I got there I did not have that much every week timetable was after a couple of hours less that at one time was only 14 hours . I asked for more , and referred to the contract , but did not receive , that is a total frauds. If you catch a cold or sick for more than 4-5 days - this implies automatically fired. Labour shortages during a shift means that you have to do the job which is designed another worker , which is a part of everyday life . General disarray in the organization and conduct of outlets is also something that every day can be seen there .

  • Hours: 10 Hours per week: 36 The Taco Bell I was preparing food, made ​​and put annex if necessary washed dishes ... At the beginning they gave fewer hours , but I eventually got more and more . I also worked at the Sleep inn housekeeping where I was 12 at the clock and I was paying the tax , which is great.

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