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  • Despite the negative experience, I did have a good time because of the people I met as customers, the other exchange students and some of the staff. But as a server, I expected to be just that, not a server one day, and a cashier the next. They didn't have enough staff to cover the cashier spot so they had to use the servers as cashiers. Coincidentally, that would be me most of the time. This is wrong because as a cashier you make much less cash than you would as a servers. They also did this with a friend of mine. For 3-4 weeks straight, they used him as a cashier. That is not what is written in the job offer and they should be penalized for it. Also, this is what my manager said to me once: "Alex! Is everyone from your country as rude as you are?" Well... how are you supposed to react to something like that?

  • Hours : 7,5+ sometimes tips Number of hours per week : 40 I changed position during the year , that's why I said two . Men and managers in the restaurant are extremely nice, the bad side is a bad organization of the city , it is always too busy and a lot of work so that he was running around the restaurant that I would achieve anything. All this would not have been so bad that the higher hourly wage and better conditions . Overtime hours almost not exists.

  • Hourly: 13.2 hours per week: 36-40 Average tips: 5 The job is too easy, it's just a knowledge of English and a piece of cake .. The customers are more than pleasant, of course there are always some people nervous, especially when the crowd .. can earn a lot of money, even if they find another job. When the season of work at every step only if you are willing to work from 10 am to 12 evening .. Although best position server, others are not earned or what they invested ..

  • 3.25$ + tips Tijana S.

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