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  • Who doesn't knows, the food runner position in which 90% of the time is spent in the kitchen. Specifically in this restaurant, my job was to add to the dish sauces that go with certain food and address those to the server. Business is not easy, because sometimes make a little crowded runner working in shifts, and plateaus with food presents the stairs so that once never before carried the plateau with food it will take some time to get used to. When there is nothing that is doing something in the kitchen all the time, cleaned up, packed out and so on. The restaurant has two large fridges (not small refrigerator than the restaurants large refrigerator-sized rooms), and also the twin (also big) in that very often comes because it is my responsibility also was unpacking things when it arrives delivery (every 2 3 days in season and more often). As far as the plate was Payments 9 $ per hour. Tip We were given so that all servers are separated by 5% of the total tip for that shift and to go runner. Now, when I'm working in shifts all the money goes to me, and when they do two or three per shift to be shared. The most I got from 40 to 50 dollars for a day and sometimes does not tip when there are no people in the restaurant. The waiters are mostly a little take the tips ie. give less than should. Business busser in this restaurant is very good because it is a very good tip is certainly a better choice because the job easier than any of the kitchen and more time earning. All in all not a bad restaurant to work, is not as difficult as it is not at all used to it after two or three weeks.

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