Shady Nook Inn

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  • Wage per hour: 8.5$ Sessions: $ 8.5 Number of hours per week: 40+ Average tip: no Description Employer: Good sides are: - Free acomodation that is somewhere decent - Accommodation in the motel where we worked, no traveling to work Bad sides: - The manager is very disorganized, lazy and indifferent, which affects the daily work - Equipment with which we were workin is inadequate and is in a very bad condition - Payments almost always late, sometimes up to a month - The employer is trying to pay out in several ways (cash, checks) to avoid that you pay attention how much he paid you and when, also issue checks on which taxes are not calculated and assures students that it is best for them, which leads to problems if you want again to go to the USA. - The job offer had many things that the employer did not follow through, others are only on paper (the employer finds another job, traveling with his daughter to Cape Cod, furnished the house, etc.) - neither company that is the owner or manager have no special knowledge of how to run a hotel, which is reflected in the daily business - No tip, or someone is taking it (manager). Every time guests leave, he race to the room to take '' bedding ' - He's trying to be close to the workers, so that they thought that he was a good and actually looks forward to your every failure. - It is not just housekeeping but all the jobs that are needed, such as moving the very heavy furniture, mowing grass, removing trees, believe it or not ... Of course, there are finer tasks too: front desk and laundry, sometimes. - The house where we lived with the manager is very dirty and various smells dominate. I would not recommend THIS JOB

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