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  • Salary 8.25. According to the contract we should have to have a minimum of 32h per week, but we always had less. Working hours are from 10 to 1, so do.. sometimes to 5.6 ... When no work, and sent home, and when there is not let you go home until everything is over, so I'm often late for my second job. As the description concerned- changing bedding, vacuuming, dusting, etc., classic. The job is physically tiring and boring. I would recommend it only to those who do not speak the language, but up until he freed-because you do not need a knowledge of the language for the job. I quickly progressed to the housekeeping manager-which means just checking rooms after cleaning. Means that any complaint of guests (every day because all of them is looking for a reason to discount while lying that they had ants in the room, etc.) goes to me-discuss with the boss, away ... too much. Promised a raise I never got so I quit. Immediately I found another job and the moving party: D I was working at Five Guys-fast food restaurant. Salary $ 9.25, the great atmosphere, how many hours you want, over-time work paid $ 14, free food, bonuses ... :) The second task (ie the third in a row) was Nicolas Pizza restaurant. Position busser. $ Salary 9th Same great atmosphere, free chow ... All in all, a great experience! I learned Spanish, and a little Russian, English naturally perfected ... :) If you decide to use this place, so NOW looking for another job while you have a lot of choice, because it is a place full of students in the same program.

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