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  • Hourly: 4-5$ and 6-7$ as a busser Number of hours per week: 75+ at both jobs Average tip (weekly): $ 500 minimum, in season, much more I'm a first year through the agency got a job at Anchorage by the Sea, position runner, not hard but I'm like everyone thought percent is the largest hotel there that there will not be the best but would not recommend it to anyone on this basis that most works but at least you are paid hourly wage was something around $ 9 .The second job I worked in a restaurant as a busser or it is as an assistant waiter assistant waiter, I was paid about $ 4-5 and that I work continued throughout the second year when I came and found another one that I worked in the morning. It can be due to the satisfactory amount of money, it pays to the program and to travel and shop all, do not do that on your mind, especially when it goes the other way because I am personally a second time had almost twice higher earnings than the first year. My recommendation to everyone is not only looking for a job with a tip or TIPS, because as you know there is a necessity and indeed people are generous when it comes to tip. On such matters as much to earn hourly rates twice more troops to the tip. W & T is a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is as able to go, I'm sorry because I only went twice but who knows there will be more opportunities in other ways :)

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