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  • Hours 8.5 $ + bonus of 0.5 $ for each hour when you're done until the end of the contract Number of hours per week: 40 Average payoff: 20 $ We were in the process of transition throughout the summer, three housekeeping manager had quit for the season, so we had to do at the end of the general manager, but it was cool. As for the company, typical capitalists, but a lot of nuisance does not go much into the details because they are aware that provide a slightly lower hourly rate. As for the tip, when our first manager was to give everything you find supervisors, so every two weeks to share the all housekeepers daughters to honor're straight (no laundry gets tips). The atmosphere was wonderful to us, because you have about 40 J1 students, most Bulgarians. First we spoke in English, and then we learn from each other and after a month we talked about the Serbian-Bulgarian. :) It's really great atmosphere and you have a chance to gain a very good friend for life. As for the lessons here are really fair, we always had 40 at the end when they left the people we had overtime. But by far the best position J1 Princes is bellstuff.

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