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  • I think that the shop owner still didn't know who I am :D The schedule is 10.25, we had overtime (15.30 $) for all their hollidays, and if you work second shift, it is gather when the shop closes. This was my first job, I had full time and this is a good part of this job because when it comes the end of the season (if you stay after 15th of september) they can't send you home because there is no work, like some other jobs. The experience is rated as neutral because some students were dismissed without no valid argument, the collective was not so FRIENDLY. The job at the cashier was interesting to me, I met a lot of people, learned something, the language improved. In addition to working on the cashier, you help customers, chat with them, match t-shirts, fill the shelves ... I've met a lot of people from the country and the region, as well as from America, which I'm very happy about and therefore can not give a negative rating. The second job: housekeeper in hotel Captain cook, schedule 12.50+tips, there's no overtime.

  • Experience with employers is utterly neutral. If you are lucky to work first or second shift, you'll be able to work a second job, if you stay in inter-shifts the entire season (as some) will not be able to work a second job. The work in the gift shop is not something difficult, but it is very boring. Fixed timetable, without tips.

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