Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club

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  • I worked as a waiter. Fortunately, we haven't been in unpleasant situations to see the employer's seriousness. The timetable was chosen by mutual agreement, and special requests were largely met.

  • Most of the employees are really friendly, the resort is nice. Sometimes they are slow with sending job offers.

  • In the Linx Tavern (which is only one of the restaurants within Ocean Edge's) I was happy with my managers and co-workers. Salary is always arrived on time and as assistant waiter had a basis of $ 10, which is also the minimum wage in Masacusetstu, and while I received the tip from the waiter. This season, specifically the links, was not so good as to the profits (some colleagues in other restaurants or other jobs in the OE in the last better), but I have not come if only because of the money, with a good team you will be less important. In doing so, everyone will find a second job so there will have better earnings. It is very easy to find another job, there are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars. I have another job first performed in a single market in Brewster, but I was pleased with the atmosphere and salary, so I quit there and found a job in a juice bar in the neighboring town, to which I drove my bike 13 or so kilometers (same number and back ), but since the landlady was a wonderful wife, great atmosphere, and earning quite good, it was not so difficult to drive every day.

  • Wage per hour : 9.5 Hours per week: 40 I wore chairs and umbrellas to guests, also helped to pass a drink and food on the beach. The employer has fulfilled all points of the contract and was very correct . Constant talks with the guests allowed me perfecting my English language as well as familiarize with the American culture.

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